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Prepare to create your own champion in a free to play MOBA from EA.

With Dawngate, Electronics Arts aims to conquer the online multiplayer virtual worlds with a spectacular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), which aims to forever change the genre ... or at least die trying!

Dawngate, even in its beta phase (which you can try for free and try by downloading the Dawngate client that's offered as a download here), promises many options and original gaming, with a mix of combat, adventure and role that will give you much to talk about. Furthermore, Dawngate will be launched under "Free to Play" mode, which is certainly a great incentive for fans of this genre to get it released as soon as it's available. Although at that time, those who know firsthand the gameplay (based on Champions fighting battles for you) Dawngate will have an advantage, no doubt.

Especially since the Dawngate Champions ie your fighters, you create during this beta phase then keep them in the game, so get making yours now! Dawngate because everything revolves around them: each Champion in Dawngate will be unique, different from others of its kind, since its entire evolution will guided by you. And not just using points to improve each feature as they move up through the game, but choosing every bit and skill you want to add to each Champion, and deciding where you are going to put them in your team, as each will have different skills. And all within a changing world, since the story and content in Dawngate will depend on the actions of the players.


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